Speed Lecture Series Event

The Chief Curator James Crumb of the Cincinnati Art Museum  kicked off of the Speed Lecture Series with a cartoon from The New Yorker poking fun at “curators.”  Perfect way to start in my book.


Dr. James Crump, Chief Curator of the Cincinnati Art Museum was entertaining and inspiring. Giving examples of how to push forward in a new world of experience art Dr. Crump spoke on “Change & Experimentation.”  One of my favorite experimental/experience art highlighted was entitled Gravity of Light by the identical twins Doug + Mike Starn, presented by Fotofocus and the Cincinnati Art Museum (showing through Dec. 30, 2012).  Instillations of ginormous photographs are seen inside the decaying shell of 19th century Holy Cross Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  As if that isn’t enough drama, an open carbon arc lamp shining from above is so bright it requires visitors to wear protective eyewear.  There is a connection between the decaying church, the photographs, and the light.  “The Starn’s best works are connected with earthly realities that suggests the impermanence of beauty ,” says Dr. Crump.  I’m sure Dr. Crump put this instillation in that category during the Speed Lecture Series.  I can’t wait to experience it….next week.

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