Speed Museum is closed….Pringles let’s peek inside!

The Speed Museum is getting a major renovation and will be closed for three years.  Pringles and I, and anyone else who wants to come, are going to be attending some of the events they have planned during this period.  Yesterday I took my seven year old son and our friends, Gabrielle and Lukas to an exhibit at the Huff Gallery at Spalding University called With Child/Art and Parenting.  The exhibit featured  seven artists/parents challenging them to be creative…no matter what!  Anyone who is a parent of young children understands how difficult this can be.  In addition, the Speed facilitated an activity where the children were asked to decorate 4″x5″ cards with stamps, feathers, fabric, paint, and markers.  Then they  gave their address to participate in a art card mailing to the others child participants.  Now my child and Lukas will receive a beautifully decorated card in the  mail from another child.  Very cool!  Thank you Patty Kantlehner for sending me this invitation!

Another cool thing happened while we were there.  I was standing in front of this large canvas painted  this beautiful blue with white paper pieces glued to it and white paint randomly applied that reminded me of doilies for some reason.  The facinating thing was there was a video of mother and child painting the canvas I was looking at projected on top of the painting.  I was mesmerized.  Looking at the artist name, something rung a bell.  So, I asked Kim, the girl in charge, “Who is Skylar Smith?”  Kim pointed to Skyler who was standing 5 feet from me.  That was helpful.

Skyler and I got to talking about the process of her creation.  My favorite thing to talk about.  One interesting note was….since she knew she was going to project the video of she and her two year old daughter, Forest, she realized she needed to start with a dark color  in order for the video to show up.  Good to know in case I do this.  Although its very unlikely, I still like knowing how to do it.  The most enjoyable thing watching the video was  Skylar and Forest were covered in white paint.  That looked like so much fun!  She said they were free to get messy because they were inside her studio.  Now I need a studio… kids are so expensive.

The exhibit runs through December 9, 2012.  I highly recommend taking your children to inspire them and you.








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