One Step at a Time

One step at a time

Part of the journey is taking one step at a time.

In regards to selling Capturing Creativity one of my biggest challenges is finding the courage to ask people, corporations, and foundations for sponsorship or underwriting, aka – money. This, too, is a process. One step at a time. The reason things take so long, in my opinion, is because of me. When I get tripped up with the next step, like asking for money, I have to work my way through that till I come out the other side, able to move forward again.

The thing that tripped me up before asking for money was putting myself out there to be judged. I love the work, and want to be on camera, I just don’t want anybody to see me. I know, crazy. The thing that got me past it was Brene Brown. She is the author of Daring Bravely, a book about being vulnerable and having the courage to expose the “real” you. I saw Oprah interview her on OWN and I felt like I was watching myself. We had the same issue….however, she has moved on and has reached “success” for her study on vulnerability discussed in her book. (I guess that is apparent since she was interviewed by Oprah.) The other reason I felt a strong connection to Brene is because she is from Houston and I grew up in Austin. Watching her felt like home…watching a friend talking to Oprah. (Btw…yes, I did contact her for an interview. Her PR man said no. Her schedule is too tight with her job and being with her family. Good answer!)
As you can see, I have moved on, by evidence of me writing this blog. So, my theory is this whole experience is so much more than creativity or following the fun. There is a healing taking place. One step at a time.

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