Observations from Interior Designer Axel Vervoordt

Interior Designer Axel Vervoordt is featured in the January/February issue of Elle Decor Magazine in the article Unconventional Wisdom.  As a fan of his I was especially excited to read and learn a few things I didn’ t know about him or otherwise.  For instance he says….

“We didn’t live in a grand house, just  a small one, but [my mother] made it look beautiful.  She lit candles every night.  I love rooms with atmosphere.”  Axel and his family now live in a castle outside Antwerp, Belgium.  Although his house is a castle it looks like a home, with the atmosphere of a romantic, big/huge cottage.

“Choosing art and objects is an art in itself.  It’s about recognizing what is important in society, and where our civilization is going.”  This quote made me pause.  Something to ponder….I wonder where Vervoordt thinks our civilization is going.  I think the past looks more serious than our future, considering the more playful contemporary works of art and objects filling the galleries and stores today.  Or maybe that’s more about me being less serious than I was when I was younger.  

” I mix art and objects from different periods.  We’re all products of the past, but we must also take inspiration from the present.  And we have a responsibility to build a new society for tomorrow.”  I never thought of it that way.  So what do I want the society of tomorrow to look like?  Axel Vervoordt’s castle would be nice.

“It’s a pity when collectors go contemporary and get rid of their older art.  I tell them to keep the best of the old and search for interactions with the new.”  I love this advice because a more interesting room is to to have the old with the new…in my humble opinion.

“Never buy art just because the color is right.  Art should bring you further along as a person, while also mirroring your view of life.  When you approach a collection that way, you can buy different things but there will always be a connection among them.”  It’s time I got rid of a few works of art that don’t reflect my view of life anymore.   I have grown since I purchased those pieces.

“Don’t just buy what’s fashionable.  That kind of collection is much less interesting.  And it’s dangerous.  Nothing is so quickly out of fashion as fashion.”   With this advice you better know what you like…not what’s in style. 

“Don’t buy copies of art.  If you can’t afford the real thing, go for a walk and find a stone that looks as beautiful as a Brancusi sculpture.  You can find amazing things in nature.”  I take this as meaning that the energy of the artist, man or mother nature, is of utmost importance to have in your space.  A copy is just a copy…it doesn’t give off the artist’s energy vibe the real deal does.  Just my thoughts…

“A room should reflect your personality.  It should look like it has always existed, even if its style is contemporary.  I always like a room where there is a fire burning.”  Me too!!!!!!  There’s nothing like a cozy fire in the fireplace.  It’s the only reason I like Winter….other than it makes me love Spring.

“My favorite colors come from the shades of local earth.  Dig in the ground and you’ll find so many layers of color-amazing yellows, sand, browns, black, beige.”  OK.  I will go check out the dirt in my back yard.


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