Now to get On Air!

On airAfter shooting the pilot I learned a lot of things I would do different creatively.  I did come more prepared for Charlotte’s interview, therefore I  asked  better questions, so that was helpful.  I also now realize the importance of a stylist.  Just little things like that.  All in all I was pleased with it and now it was time for me to sell it to get it On Air. 

My first thought was to contact OWN.  I saw Capturing Creativity on Super Soul Sunday following Soul Pancake, a wildly creative show by Rainn Wilson.  In consistency with follow the fun, I sent a beautiful package containing the pilot addressed to Oprah.  I spent a considerable amount on the presentation, even going so far as to purchase a silver tray for the typeset letter and show information to sit on inside the elaborately wrapped box.  Ok….not doing that again!  I still wonder who ended up with that silver tray.  I can bet you it wasn’t Oprah.  It wasn’t sterling silver, but it was really beautiful!

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