La Coop Bistro Chef, Bobby Benjamin!

Girls night out….

Movie:  Life of Pi

Dinner:  La Coop Bistro in the NuLu district of Louisville

Life of Pi, oh my goodness, that took a little time to shake off.  I just finished the book the night before and was still reeling from the ending.  I found it to be unsettling and full of hidden messages.  The movie followed the book pretty closely and was actually very well done.  The 3D effect caused me to scream several times when that dad gum bengal tiger jumped out at Pi.  I haven’t screamed in years!  But, that wasn’t the reason it was disturbing.  Without giving anything away, I will just say the moral of the story for me was….Life can be truly awful at times.  So bad in fact, that in order to cope it is easier to make up another story in your head.  And just live that story instead.

Ok….dinner was a lot more fun!!! La Coop Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants in Louisville because of the fabulous food, the understated French-chic ambience, and Bobby Benjamin the Head Chef.  I ordered Coq Au Vin because I had never had it before and only heard of it from the movie Somethings Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nichelson.   It was so wonderfully rich and full of unique flavors.  One Indian spice I could not place  Bobby informed me was not an Indian spice after all,  but orange zest.  Good to know!

Also good to know… Rumor has it Bobby  and the owners of La Coop are building,  from the ground up, a restaurant on River Road .  Must be an up and coming hot spot for Louisville because Susan Seiler, once owner of Jack Fry’s, is opening a new restaurant on River Road as well.  The concept for Bobby’s new restaurant has not been determined, but one exciting thing is Bobby will get to design his own kitchen, unlike La Coop.  He even said he would show me his plans and ideas.  I can’t wait to see them!  So….when I hear something particularly interesting  I will share it with you.

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