Gravity of Light

Doug + Mike Starn, identical twins exhibited their “experience art” this past December at the Holy Cross Church at the Mt. Adams Monastery in Cincinnati, sponsored by the Cincinnati Art Museum.  The exhibit displays 7 mega-large photographs in the abandoned dark church lit by an arc lamp that is the equivalent of looking at someone welding metal.  Special eyeglasses are required during the viewing…part of the experience.  The photos are of a blind Monk, leaves, trees, moths, and a head with the skin removed showing all its veins.

I learned two things:  First, let the experience happen.  You only get one first impression and I blew it.  I was so focused on writing down what Dr. James Crump, Chief Curator of the Cincinnati Art Museum, was saying about the exhibit I lost the opportunity for my first impression.  Second, I don’t get it.  That was my second impression.  I was really baffled about the message I was suppose to get.  I know I’m suppose to come up with my own meaning behind the art, but when someone goes to that much effort, I really want to know what is inside their head, not mine.   So that led me to find out.

The twins are  very interesting and have a different take on their art than I do.  My take is: light = enlightenment, photography, photosynthesis, exposure, connectedness, life, death, and love.  If you are interested in their take google Gravity of Light, Doug + Mike Starn to get the full picture.


Gravity of Light by Doug + Mike Stern

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