Charlotte Moss… The Interview

With the excitement of my first interview under my belt it was time to come up with a second creative person to interview.  February was approaching and that’s the time for the annual Nashville Antique & Garden Show which I like to attend.  I looked up who the Honorary Chair was that year and discovered it was New York interior designer Charlotte Moss.  Fabulous! I would love to meet Charlotte.  So I called the PR representative for the show and asked to videotape Charlotte Moss’ lecture and interview her afterwards.  To get permission for the interview I was passed on to Charlotte’s assistant.  When I called I was going over the plan I visualized in my mind to walk around the show asking Charlotte questions about the antiques and how she would place them in a room.  One embarrassing moment I remember is after she had agreed to do it, she asked me what I was going to wear.  I answered, “I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it, but I promise you will be prettier than me.”  That was my insecurity talking because I have never seen Charlotte Moss looking bad….ever! 


I was so nervous about what to wear after that I went shopping the next day for my outfit.  Well, I over-thought it and the results were not good.  Like many people I’m more critical of myself, but when I saw what I looked like on video I was not happy.  In my eyes I looked like Columbo, the detective on TV who always wore a wrinkled trench coat and his hair a total mess.  I wore a silk trench coat and even though I thought my hair looked good in the moment… didn’t!  Oh well….I had fun!


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