Capture Creativity by Following the Fun


Follow your bright creative ideas, by following the fun!

Like many people I have a lot of creative ideas.  So when it comes to deciding which ones to do I took my sisters advice, “Follow the fun.”  That’s how I developed a TV show called Capturing Creativity, one fun thing after the next.

My first step after having the idea for the show was to work out the details…like who was I going to have on that initial show?  Since my everyday life informs my creativity it wasn’t hard to think of someone.  I had just finished interviewing Louisville artist Gaela Erwin for a monthly article I wrote called 13 Things That Inspire Her for  Today’s Woman magazine.  We set up a date and jumped right in.  I was interested in it being more candid than contrived  so I didn’t write out a list of questions.  I wanted to to flow like a conversation.  Since I had recently interviewed her I knew a few things about her.  Well, although I have done it since, I don’t think not having a list of questions is a good idea.  At least I could have been more prepared if I made a list of questions and then thrown them away.  Oh well….live and learn.  It was still fun and it turned out well.

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